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French Prize for Iranian Photographer

PARIS, Dec. 2 (MNA) Iranian photographer Kazem Bayram has won the Apnea Prize for Underwater Reporting at the World Festival of Underwater Pictures held in France, the Persian service of the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) reported on Saturday. The 33rd edition of the festival was held from Oct. 25 to 29 in Antibes.

According to Bayram, the report took three years to be prepared in collaboration with Iran's Fisheries Organization (IFO) and his pals. Bayram stated that 16,000 slides and 25-hour filming have been the results of the three-year endeavor. Equipped only with one mask, a lead belt, a tuba, and a camera, he slowly goes down in search of the underwater beauties which he wishes to immortalize on his film. He scans the immersed relieves, the flora and fauna with precaution, softness, and respect of the medium which tolerates him. Sometimes in the half-light, at the fallen night, his flashes crepitate definitively to seize a scene and a moment of the underwater life. He then slowly joins surface and the light to share his moments of happiness with others while thinking of the next immersion and his new discoveries. Bayram practiced various marine activities, in particular the kayak on high level and was a member of Iranian national team for a long time.

It is in 1979, at the University of Caen (Normandy in France) which he initiated with the bottle diving and made progress quickly. It was the passion for the underwater world and the discovery of the apnea which attracted him immediately. Bayram opened out in practice apnea and associated its second passion, photography, to carry out his first stereotypes in Senegal in 1987. He has prepared reports by carrying out thousands of terrestrial and underwater photographs. His last works have been systematically done in apnea, which in fact a specialist very quickly recognizes for his approach in the underwater medium, originality, and the quality of his reports.

He is currently preparing a book on the Persian Gulf and a film on the last fishermen of pearl in the Persian Gulf.
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